Monday, November 16, 2015


More and more librarians across the country are discovering that we at Sentimental Productions share a common goal with them: drawing more people into their libraries.

In recent years, we have tried to provide libraries some easy ways to let their patrons know that videos by Sentimental Productions are available.

One example is the posters we provide for libraries to
display revealing the content of each edition of Sentimental Reflections.We also make links available so that any given library can post a video clip on its web site.And we let them know that our video magazine makes a great program that can be shown at a brown-bag lunch.

Why do we do this? First of all, because the videos by Sentimental Productions are a great fit for libraries. Clearly they offer unique content. Our programs appeal to the very people who use their public libraries including retirees, travelers and those of any age who are interested in learning.

 There are lots of examples of video with compelling content from Sentimental Reflections, our quarterly video magazine, which we’ve been producing four times a year since 2004.

One of our timeless favorites is the Cover Story we did on the 100th anniversary of the Model T Ford. A gentleman standing beside his restored Tin Lizzie observed that prior to the Model T, people couldn’t go very far. But the Model T meant they could see somebody “other than their cousins,”
he said.

Another is the story that explores vintage Base Ball, the game that evolved into the national pastime we know today. The time frame we look back on is before balls and strikes were called and baseball had yet to become one word.

If you’re interested in acquiring Sentimental Productions videos for your library, let us know. And also let us know if we can provide some links to help promote our videos already in your collection.