Thursday, November 1, 2012

Classic Cars & Fascinating Automobile History Featured In Videos by Sentimental Productions

Ron Gaydis of Johnstown, Pennsylvania might not be as finicky about his Amphicar as some other classic car collectors we at Sentimental Productions have encountered over the years. It’s harder to worry about every ding when part of the fun is driving your prized possession into a lake.

Viewers of Sentimental Reflections meet Gaydis in the Time Capsule segment of our just-released Autumn 2012 Edition. He owns one of the 3900 amphibious models manufactured in Germany in the 1960s. We see many of them driving down a ramp and splashing into Grand Lake St. Mary’s in Ohio. Gaydis is a font of information about the little Amphicars designed for both highway and waterway.

 Cars from yesterday are among our favorite subjects. We’ve been featuring classic and antique cars in Sentimental Productions videos since the 1990s.

We’ve looked at the story of the Model T Ford a couple of times, mostly recently when we attended the  100th anniversary of the Tin Lizzy in 2008.

“It allowed you to visit people other than just your cousins,” said Tim Simonson of Wellington, Ohio in summing up the transformational changes ushered in with the Model T.

And a few years back we helped the folks at Jeep celebrate its 70th anniversary, presenting some historic film of the first Army versions as well as the American favorite it has become.

The most comprehensive video about the history of the automobile was the video, Roadsters, Rumbleseats & Country Drives, part of our Americana Series.  Alan King, director of the National Road Museum in Zanesville, Ohio stated boldly in the video that no other single invention may have had more impact on society than the automobile.   

The Amphicars are something of a footnote to the overall history of the auto. But over the years we’ve learned that our viewers are fascinated by film, photos and stories of old cars, regardless of make, model or era. 

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Celebrate Autumn with Sentimental Reflections!

Sentimental Reflections, a quarterly video series produced by Sentimental Productions,  travels the country to present stories of America and Americans each season.  We produce our videos to be timeless, so now is a great time to use these DVDs to celebrate the fall season.

Autumn 2005 Edition

Visitors flock to Hill High Farm in Winchester, Virginia each fall to pick pumpkins and apples.  Many people come for the pumpkin patch hayrides but visitors also have a chance to learn about farm life.  The same family has owned the farm for more than 100 years.  Click below to watch a portion of the video segment.

Autumn 2009 Edition
Parke County, Indiana is known as the “Covered Bridge Capital of the World.”  The vivid colors of the falling leaves enhance the backdrop of this popular festival in the midwest, which is the Cover Story of this edition.  Click here for more information on the annual event.  Click below to watch a portion of the video segment.

Autumn 2010 Edition
The Apple Jack Festival in Nebraska City, Nebraska is considered one of the top 10 fall festivals in North America by the Society of American Travel Writers.  Tens of thousands of people attend the festival each year to celebrate the fall harvest.  One of the most popular attractions is picking your own apples at the Kimmel Orchard & Vineyard.

The Autumn 2010 Edition also includes a feature on the Kentucky Wool Festival. Spinning wheels, bluegrass music, country food and crafts are all part of the event in the Bluegrass state.

Sentimental Reflections is sold on a 1-year subscription basis, and by individual copy.  For more information or to place an order, visit our website or call (800) 762-0338.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Ideas for Activity Professionals from Sentimental Productions

Celebrate Summer With Videos from Sentimental Productions

Sentimental Productions travels the nation to present America’s heritage in story, scenery and song.  A number of our videos make a perfect fit for your summer activities.

Have An Ice Cream Social
Host an ice cream social and watch our video segment that tells the story of the origin of one of America’s favorite desserts – the banana split. The segment is in the Summer 2009 Edition of Sentimental Reflections

Sentimental Productions, sing-along videos, Sentimental Entertainers, patriotic sing-along DVDsSing-Along with Patriotic Music
July 4th is right around the corner.  Have your residents sing-along to patriotic music included in the Sentimental Sing-Along Collection.  Enjoy 1 hour of patriotic music by watching Volume II: Patriotic Songs & Other American Favorites as well as Volume XVI: Songs of Patriotic Pride.  Each video is 30 minutes long.  Be sure to print the words so your residents can sing-along with the videos!
Watch a sample of the Sentimental Sing-Along Collection on our YouTube channel. 

Sentimental Reflections, Sentimental Productions, quarterly video series, Blennerhassett Island West Virginia, Blue Ridge Parkway, Weiser Idaho fiddle festival
Travel With Us
See some gorgeous areas of the country – including our Scenic America segment along the Blue Ridge Parkway.  We also take a trip to a unique island located in the middle of the Ohio River – Blennerhassett Island, West Virginia.  Enjoy more great music at a fiddle festival in Idaho, an event that has been held for decades each summer.  All three of these segments are featured in the Summer 2008 Edition of Sentimental Reflections.
Watch a sample of Sentimental Reflections, our quarterly video series on our YouTube channel. 

Sentimental Productions has produced more than 60 nostalgic and entertaining videos since 1988.  Our videos are used by thousands of activity professionals throughout the United States & Canada.  To see a complete list of all of our videos, please visit:

Monday, April 16, 2012

60th Anniversary of the Naming of Lake Cumberland

Video Traces The History of the Lake


Millions of people flock to Lake Cumberland in south central Kentucky for vacation each year, but many people likely don’t know the story of how the lake was created.

Kentucky’s Water Wonderland/The Story of Lake Cumberland is a 50-minute DVD produced by Sentimental Productions that chronicles the history of the lake.  The video includes historic film showing the area before, during and after the construction of Wolf Creek Dam.  The video also includes interviews from residents who witnessed the dramatic transformation of the region.
Construction work on Wolf Creek Dam

In 1941, thousands of people attended a groundbreaking ceremony in Rowena, Kentucky to celebrate the beginning of the project to build Wolf Creek Dam.  World War II delayed construction until 1946 and the dam was completed in 1950.  Rowena was a town that was literally wiped off the map when the lake filled up in the spring of 1951.  Many other homes and businesses in nearby towns were also forced to move to higher ground.

The lake was called Wolf Creek Reservoir until the spring of 1952.  On April 17, 1952 the name was changed to Lake Cumberland by an Act of Congress.
Aerial shot of Wolf Creek Dam

In addition to the historic elements of the program, the video traces the evolution of Lake Cumberland into the tremendous tourism magnet it has become as well as the development of the houseboat manufacturing area through the Lake Cumberland region.

You can watch a short clip of The Story of Lake Cumberland below or go here to access our YouTube channel.

Kentucky’s Water Wonderland/The Story of Lake Cumberland can be purchased online through Sentimental Productions, or call (800) 762-0338.

Bonus features of the DVD include:
-Steamboat days along the Cumberland River
-Additional footage of the construction of Wolf Creek Dam
-Exploring the growth of the Lake Cumberland region
-How the look of houseboats has changed over the years

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Welcome to the Sentimental Productions blog. For nearly 25 years now, we’ve produced more than 60 unique videos, celebrating America in story, scenery and song.

Since it’s nearly Spring, we’re hard at work on the upcoming edition of Sentimental Reflections, our quarterly video magazine that’s released four times each year, at the start of each season. We travel throughout the country to put together each 45-minute edition, so you’ll be reading a lot about the various topics here. We encourage you to join us on our journeys.

Newseum in Washington, D.C.

The Spring edition will have lots of informative and entertaining content. Our Cover Story is about the Newseum, the compelling and comprehensive museum of news in Washington, D.C. It’s located right on Pennsylvania Avenue, with fabulous views of the Capitol. Viewers will learn why it’s one of the most popular museums in D.C.

For our On A Musical Note segment, we’ll look at the music of American composer Stephen Foster. We visit two parks: one named for Foster in North Florida, along the Suwannee River, immortalized in his “Old Folks At Home;” and the other in Bardstown, Kentucky, commemorating “My Old Kentucky Home.”

Jockey's Ridge State Park
Our Scenic America segment will take us to the Outer Banks of North Carolina to a place called Jockey’s Ridge State Park. It’s the home of the tallest active sand dune system in the United States. You’ll see the seemingly endless dunes while listening to calming music in this relaxing part of our video magazine.

That’s just part of what’s coming up. But since we’re good at looking back, we invite you to watch excerpts of some of the scores of videos we’ve produced over the years. Check out our new YouTube channel and you can see dozens of video clips, ranging from John Glenn’s historic orbit of the earth to the Home Front during World War II.

We’ve also captured some of the best scenery in the country in our latest series, Sentimental Serenity.  There are now four videos in this series.

We like to say that we present America and Americans, as we are and as we were. Check out our new website at and find out what we mean.