Thursday, November 1, 2012

Classic Cars & Fascinating Automobile History Featured In Videos by Sentimental Productions

Ron Gaydis of Johnstown, Pennsylvania might not be as finicky about his Amphicar as some other classic car collectors we at Sentimental Productions have encountered over the years. It’s harder to worry about every ding when part of the fun is driving your prized possession into a lake.

Viewers of Sentimental Reflections meet Gaydis in the Time Capsule segment of our just-released Autumn 2012 Edition. He owns one of the 3900 amphibious models manufactured in Germany in the 1960s. We see many of them driving down a ramp and splashing into Grand Lake St. Mary’s in Ohio. Gaydis is a font of information about the little Amphicars designed for both highway and waterway.

 Cars from yesterday are among our favorite subjects. We’ve been featuring classic and antique cars in Sentimental Productions videos since the 1990s.

We’ve looked at the story of the Model T Ford a couple of times, mostly recently when we attended the  100th anniversary of the Tin Lizzy in 2008.

“It allowed you to visit people other than just your cousins,” said Tim Simonson of Wellington, Ohio in summing up the transformational changes ushered in with the Model T.

And a few years back we helped the folks at Jeep celebrate its 70th anniversary, presenting some historic film of the first Army versions as well as the American favorite it has become.

The most comprehensive video about the history of the automobile was the video, Roadsters, Rumbleseats & Country Drives, part of our Americana Series.  Alan King, director of the National Road Museum in Zanesville, Ohio stated boldly in the video that no other single invention may have had more impact on society than the automobile.   

The Amphicars are something of a footnote to the overall history of the auto. But over the years we’ve learned that our viewers are fascinated by film, photos and stories of old cars, regardless of make, model or era.